Emmanuel Community Church Nursery was born out of a parent and toddler group in 1982. It was started by the then Pastor’s wife, Beryl Allen, and a local school teacher. In 1984 a committee was formed by church members and a grant obtained from the local authority to formally set up the playgroup. The Emmanuel Hall Playgroup officially opened in September 1984. From very small beginnings the group has grown as the church has grown.

In 1989, after the church building was knocked down and rebuilt, Emmanuel Christian Centre Playgroup was able to increase its numbers to 28 children every morning. Around the turn of the century it had another name change to Emmanuel Christian Centre Nursery, to reflect the developments in child care and education. In 2014 it expanded once again and now takes up to 40 children per session. In 2015 it changed names to its current name of Emmanuel Community Church Nursery, as the church changed its name to Emmanuel Community Church International on its 100 year anniversary.

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